Dr. Aviva Bass-Huh, Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Aviva Bass-Huh

Parenting Made Pleasant

Effective techniques for parents and their anxious, challenging, moody children.

Who comes to therapy?

An exasperated father complains

that his child refuses to go upstairs alone. 

​A single mom feels drained

by her daughter's daily meltdowns.

Two parents argue

about how to handle their easily distracted and uncooperative son. ​

A couple are exhausted

with bedtime struggles and being routinely woken up in the middle of the night by their 8 year old.

What happens in therapy?

We work together

to determine a method that will work for each family. Some choose family therapy, some request parent coaching, and some adolescents prefer individual therapy. 

We select an evidence based treatment

that fits with the family's values and preferences. These are treatments that have been proven to work in research studies. 

Clients experience

service that is goal oriented and  practical. They see improvements soon after therapy has begun. 

After completing therapy?

The children progress

at home and at school. They feel understood by their families.  

The parents are more confident

about how to prevent and address their children’s difficult behavior. They feel less stressed.

The parents also see positive changes in

sibling behavior, marital satisfaction, and their own mental health. ​