Dr. Aviva Bass-Huh, Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Areas of Consultation

I am available to work with Masters or Doctoral level therapists who are interested in learning or improving  parent coaching skills. During consultation sessions, I teach therapists how to implement behavioral parent training with their own clients. There are specific evidence based parenting skills that address ADHD symptoms, oppositional defiant behaviors, and anxious behaviors. The therapist and I discuss which skills are most suitable to the client population they see. 

What to Expect

I suggest materials for therapists to read prior to each consultation session in order to get the most out of our time together. During the meetings, we discuss nuances of the skills, helpful language to use in explaining the skills to clients, and I role model what it  looks like to teach clients each skill. At the end of consultation meetings, therapists can expect to have a document for each parenting skill that includes related client handouts as a resource for them to use in their own practices. 

Why Seek Consultation?

In teaching these skills, I utilize my background in behavioral principles, my experience facilitating behavioral parent training groups (The Community Parent Education program), and the many lessons I have learned over the last 17 years from clients with whom I have worked on these skills. This enables me to quickly isolate and highlight useful pieces of information when reviewing evidence based parenting programs to save my consulting client's time.